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Computer Training vs. Certification: What’s the Difference?

In a nutshell, you can wave a certification in somebody’s face, and you cannot do that with your computer training. You can stop reading now if you want, or you can consider an article by Peter Andrew further discussing it. He essentially says the office tech geniuses have no leverage to get a raise if they have no certifications to easily point to as evidence of their genius. In general, people with certifications are just more employable, and they tend to enjoy a 10 to 20 percent increase in salary. Semiformal training which does not lead to certifications can be useful in doing an already assigned task better, and if it will fit on a resume, go ahead and add it. Amplify your resume to amplify your value as an employee.

About John Friscia

John Friscia is the Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He began working for Computer Aid, Inc. in 2013 and continues to provide graphic design support for AITS. He graduated summa cum laude from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in English.

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