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81% of IT Professionals Rate Their Organization’s Commitment

commitThe first part of a survey done by Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of risk-based security and compliance management solutions, was released about Organization's Commitment to Risk-Based Security Management.  The survey was completed by 749 U.S. and 571 U.K. professionals. Below are some of the findings.

  • 81 percent rated their organization's commitment to risk-based security management as 'significant' or 'very significant'  
  • 88 percent identified the protection of intellectual property


  • 46 percent say their organization's approach or strategy for risk-based security management is non-existent or 'ad-hoc'
  • 62 percent say that the business has little or no input involvement in providing risk-based analysis

The complete survey will be released over the next two months in five different parts.

About Ryan Malinoski

Ryan Malinoski was a staff writer and technical assistant for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He joined the team in 2013.

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