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5 Common IT Administrator Mistakes Leading to Data Loss

The 5 most common mistakes that lead to data loss was released by Kroll Ontrack Inc. It is important to know them and bear them in mind to minimize potential for data loss.

1. Failure to document and execute established IT, retention and backup procedures.

There are many times when new hardware is being used for saving pertinent data, but the IT department still thinks it is in a test phase. Often when in testing the data is not backed up, and your partners in IT are not informed.

2. Failure to keep OS and anti-virus software up to date.

Software updates do not always make it to the top of the priority list, but it is an oversight that cannot be afforded. Not having an up-to-date OS and anti-virus software leaves holes in your system for bugs to slip in.

3. Failure to backup effectively.

Kroll Ontrack reports that 60% of data loss occurs when there is a backup system in place. Lack of checks and balances in place to confirm your backup system is operating properly is a sure way to loose data.

4. Deleting data that is still in active use.

Not know what data storage is still in use, and deleting it, is often a cause of lost information.

5. Failure to test IT security policies.

Setting up the proper permissions and limiting non-pertinent users is key, even a small breach can lead to significant corruption.

For best practices to prevent data loss read the original article.


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