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16 Essential Questions to Project Leadership Success

question peopleAs a project manager you want to see your projects succeed. This does not happen through taking things for granted but rather having an attitude that always seeks to improve the quality of work. You are always asking yourself, how can we become more efficient?  This blog provides great questions for you to ask yourself on a regular basis below are a few of the questions.

  1. How can I become more certain that the products and features we are   developing are what the users really want and need?
  2. How can I, and my team, get to understand my clients business so well that we are able to actively challenge the requirements and the project’s vision?
  3. How can I improve my relationship with my customers and more frequently ask into their feedback about the project?
  4. How can I get better at identifying and mitigating the project’s risks?
  5. How can my team start to focus more on product quality?
  6. What could get in our way of achieving the end project goal? What have we not yet thought of?
  7. How can I better motivate and utilize the strengths of my team members? 
  8. How can I better inspire my team to contribute to the project’s end goal?

Check out the blog to see “questions that will really help you to improve your performance and add value to your client.”

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Ryan Malinoski was a staff writer and technical assistant for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He joined the team in 2013.

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