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The CIO: Facilitator of Engaging Employee Experiences

lighthouseHappy workers are productive workers. Employees who feel their work is respected and are given room to be creative will both work harder and be more likely to recommend the company as a workplace and a vendor. The CIO can play a role in making the worker experience an engaging and satisfying one through use of technology, and TJ Keitt writes for ZDNet on how to achieve it.

Businesses offer a wide range of gadgets and gizmos to manage all manners of systems involved in the regular upkeep of an organization, and it is when this technology is not employed well enough that the employees start to seek outside help in the form of iPhones and Dropbox for support. CIOs must change their way of thinking to focus on designing a technology experience in which technology aligns with the tasks being performed. The bottom line is that employees should not need outside devices and technology to achieve optimal project results. In order to fully realize this shift in focus, Keitt states IT leaders must:

  • Create employee-obsessed IT organizations.
  • Work with business leaders to align technology with the workforce vision.
  • Partner with the HR department to measure success.

IT needs to think of itself as a customer service organization rather than just a technology organization. CIOs must find ways to facilitate communication between employees and the business so that a strong and unified outlook moving forward can be created. Using HR to help get there is a very good idea:

These efforts are all for naught if the IT department cannot draw a link between what they do and positive business outcomes. My colleague Simon Yates recently put forward a measurement framework for assessing IT's contributions to the workforce experience. However, most IT departments don't have expertise in measuring employee engagement. This is where a fruitful relationship between IT and HR leaders can be built. The CIO can use HR's assessments of employee satisfaction to guide her technology roadmap.

CIOs have the power to give employees a shared sense of purpose within the organization. When IT is stimulated and properly guided, the technology they develop will be best honed to satisfy the needs of the company.

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