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Smart Organizations Sync Talent With Strategy

PMIThrowing a million men at a line of tanks is one way to win a battle, but strategically selecting units equipped to deal with tanks will win the day with much less sacrifice. When it comes to project management, the same difference in efficiency applies when choosing to attach a large group of people to a project versus selecting just the people who are best suited to the task. Cyndee Miller at PMI writes in an article about how aligning the right talent with the right project can greatly improve your project success rates. She begins:

The payoff can be huge, according to PMI's Pulse of the Profession™ In-Depth Report: Talent Management. On average, 72 percent of projects meet their original goals and business intent at organizations with significant or good alignment between their talent management and organizational strategies. Now put that up against the 58 percent rate at organizations with moderate or weak alignment.

In spite of this, Miller says only 10 percent of organizations report significant alignment. When strategy and talent management do not align, organizations have a more difficult time filling open positions. The search for qualified individuals has heated up enough that Apple, Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook are locked in competition for new talent and each other’s talent, but companies such as China Road and Bridge Corporation are now searching abroad for talent that they can foster and integrate into their organization. This progressive line of thought comes with more benefits for employees, as 83 percent of new hires in effectively aligned companies move on to advanced project management positions. Compare that to the 62 percent of poorly aligned organizations. Allowing employees to advance in a company makes those employees feel more integral to the company and more willing to invest their energy, so it is a scenario where everybody wins.

It is apparent that the benefits of aligning talent and strategy are numerous and diverse, and just because it might be a challenge to implement into your organization does not make it a good reason not to shoot for it. If you do not provide the best employee experience, job seekers will find somebody else who does.

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