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Pabst CIO: Sales Advice for Enterprise Startups

super questionFor enterprise startups, sales advice from an already successful company can mean the difference between thriving and falling apart.  In an article by Asuret CEO Michael Krigsman, Ben Haines, the CIO of Pabst Brewing Company, offers some tips for “understanding business transformation in the cloud and selling into the enterprise.”  Haines uses his experience to give valuable advice about how to sell to large companies.

Haines’s six points of advice include preparing before you call a customer, keeping the prices low, and engaging the customer’s team.  One step anyone can take to make their startup a success is to make sure they have a strong social media presence (as detailed in tip #6).  A strong social media presence gives your little-known startup some “street cred.”  The more credible you seem to be, the more you will draw in customers.  When working on a startup, it is important that you take all the professional and experienced advice you can get.

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