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How Important is Adoption for a PMO?

The key to creating a successful PMO may be a simple as following a recipe. When you put certain components in, you get a more satisfying result. Think of your favorite meal. There is a chance that removing a major ingredient will make it far less appetizing to you. This is the focus of an article by Dave Blumhorst. Blumhorst notes that there are many ingredients in the “special sauce” that leads to success for a PMO. It is the adoption of certain ingredients and key components that will enable PMO success: A few years ago Jack Welsh of GE fame lead a keynote speech on large programs. He was presenting to the business leaders of some of the largest enterprises in the world. The speech began something like this: “If you can’t get top management to support your program, don’t even bother. Don’t even waste your time.” Why did Jack say that? Because to him, adoption is so important that a program is doomed to fail without it – all the way from the top to the bottom. You can spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort and financial resources around setting up a program, developing a methodology and implementing a solution but without the team being ‘on board’ with your program you will have a very difficult time succeeding. Blumhorst reminds us of the importance of making sure that everyone is listening and paying attention. This may sound obvious, but it is easy for someone to tune out and then say they got all the necessary information. Make sure you follow up with employees and have them demonstrate to you that they have fully listened. A clear mission allows everything to flow more smoothly. Blumhorst also champions the idea of showing appreciation for your stakeholders and user community. If people believe their opinions are valued by the employer, they are more likely to put forth the effort to create innovation and success for the organization. Blumhorst notes that these are just a few of the important aspects of use adoption, but they are certainly great starting points none the less.

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