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Apple Named World’s Best Supply Chain

It is no news to anyone that Apple is a force to be reckoned with in the business world.  Now it seems they have even more to brag about than before.  Gartner has placed Apple at the top of the list of the top 25 supply chains.  In an article by Rebecca Ellinor, we learn that this is the sixth year in a row for Apple to receive this distinction.  Ellinor says this announcement is a clear example of how much business appreciates a good supply chain management system.

According to Debra Hofman of Gartner, Apple’s success is due in large part to a shift in supply chain trends.  Instead of focusing on the old “push” model of supply chain, Apple “integrates demand, supply and product into a value network that orchestrates a profitable response to ever-shifting changes in demand.”  Even if your company is not the size of Apple, you can certainly benefit from attempting to mirror their supply chain practices.

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