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7 Tips to Help Project Managers Track Their Tech Teams

sevenEveryone has their own advice for managing projects. The more difficult part is learning to manage people. This is the focus of an article by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff. Schiff has compiled seven helpful tips to help project managers effectively track their tech teams:

  • Define what needs to get done by whom by when upfront
  • Use tools that allow team members to share documents and files
  • Meet with your team on a regular basis
  • Take notes and follow up
  • Ask people how they are doing and if they need help
  • Use videoconferencing and IM to keep in contact with remote employees
  • Consider a bring-your-own-device-friendly policy

The first step holds true for projects and project teams alike. If you define what you want going into it, you will be able to expect a certain result. Using tools that allow sharing among team members is easier now than ever before. Technology improves every day, so not using the available tools is someone silly. After defining what your team needs and providing the tools for completion, it is crucial that you follow up and meet with your team on a regularly to ensure that everything is running to plan: Meet with your team on a regular basis. “We have a monthly direct reports meeting where we discuss major initiatives, the overall state of the union and allow each person to share updates on what they feel is important,” explains Larry Bonfante, CIO, United States Tennis Association (USTA). “Meeting with people on a regular basis ensures that you know how to best support their success and that projects never veer very far off target.” Lonoff stresses the importance of consulting with your team. A manager must check to see if employees are in need of assistance. That way, a manager can help where help is needed but can also avoid micromanaging those employees who are having no trouble completing their work. Furthermore, such checks foster an environment of continuing communication. This is crucially important because in many cases in the modern business world, communication is no easy task. In the even that a manager is working with remote employees that are hard to get a hole of, Lonoff recommends using videoconferencing and instant messaging to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. For further ease of access and communication, a BYOD-friendly policy will allow employees to connect with each other and with company information from any location at any time. Allowing employees to work with their own devices makes things easier for everyone. Keeping track of every individual on a project team can be a challenge. This is especially true in this age of globally scattered workers and multiple technological devices. However, just because it is challenging does not mean it is impossible. Following these seven steps is a simple and effective way to ensure success for you, your team, and your business as a whole. We will never be able to make a project completely seamless, but these tips are an excellent way to create continuous improvement.  

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