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Time to rethink your strategic planning process

The majority of CIOs identify that they have difficulty with aligning to the business. Point in fact, the majority of CIOs indicate that they are nowhere close to alignment at all, and the ones that believe they are aligned have difficulties staying that way. This article from Marcus Matic and Khalid Kark explain why the thought process of Business/IT alignment has to be done away with. Rather, CIOs need to get ahead of the curve and be part of the business strategy from the start. Instead of having IT be a separate entity, it should strive to be part of the organization, taking part in planning and execution as much as any other organizational structure. To get there, Matic and Kark suggest understanding the customer and workforce, capitalizing on emerging technology, and focusing on business value.

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Comment Author: Shashi
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The challenges faced by IT 12 years ago is totally different than today. Then it was more Technical and today it is Techno-functional. Very few companies have a Business-aligned IT focus, so we can see the failure of so many projects in the IT world. So I would say its not the headache of just the CIO alone.

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Comment Author: mlkabik
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Thanks for commenting, and for visiting, Shashi. I agree that alignment goes beyond the CIO's concern – and that many companies aren't really focused on business alignment nearly as much as one would hope.

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