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The Power of a Multi-Level Approach to Business Transformation

Making big changes within IT is difficult enough, but throw in big changes within an entire company and you've got an enormous amount of factors all playing against each other. Tracey Rothenberger doesn't provide a silver bullet in this article on the subject of business transformation, though he does explain why a multi-level approach may reduce time and stress factors when the transformation occurs. Furthermore, the multi-level approach makes perfect sense: get the full, enthusiastic support of C-level management (who will consistently reinforce the reason for the change and carry it to completion) while putting the best and brightest SMEs, developers and project leaders in to positions to support the change. By having both groups working side by side for a common goal of successful transformation, Rothenberger explains, empowers all stakeholders immediately and consistently.

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Anne is a former staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success, with a degree in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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