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Supply Chain Concerns Rival Wine Fraud

While the majority of us don't know the first thing about wine, we do know a thing or two about the dangers of supply chain fraud. This article by Gabriel Savage blends the two subjects (wine and supply chain security) to show us just how China's counterfeiting of imported wines has reached a remarkable scale. Having a secure supply chain could fight the issue by creating the opportunity for quick identification of the imposter wines, though it seems that many importers are simply not willing to add cost to fight against counterfeiting. As Toby Marion (director of Golden Gate Wine, the largest specialist US wine importer in Hong Kong) explains, certain tracking technology is cost prohibitive: “The cost is two-fold,” he observed, “the RFID tag on the bottle and then managing the process. The expense is out of proportion with the value of the wine ““ if it's US$5 or even $50, it's not justified.” Although conceding that “technological systems could be of value down the line”, Marion argued instead for the industry to pay closer attention to its supply chain partners. “It's important to use a full service logistics provider so you can control the process all the way through,” he insisted. This leads to the natural question that has promoted intelligent supply chain practices all over the world: is it worth more to make sure that products arrive in the correct condition (or that the actual product arrives instead of a fake) or is it worth more to save money up front and simply hope that the supply chain is operating correctly?

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