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A Framework for IT Investment for Manufacturing Executives

IT is changing the competitive dynamics in manufacturing. Now it's a matter of who is using technology to increase operational efficiency — who can drive the cost down past competitors because of streamlined service. This puts an new pressure on executives to stay current with technology while still maintaining the traditional concerns of manufacturing. The risks because of technology innovation are just as high as the benefits, as Manju Bansal points out in this article. Along with increased efficiency is an increased expectation from customers. There is only one way to weather the tide of technology advancement, and that's to be just as aggressive.   As the article explains: The only way to prevent being disrupted is to pursue the information technology agenda aggressively yourself. Such an approach will not only provide you the competitive advantage you need to grow, but it will also ensure you are not the one who gets disrupted.   But given the vast opportunities in investing in IT, how do you decide where to invest first? In this article, I will describe a simple but proven framework to help make prioritized decisions.And Bansal does just that: he describes the steps to first determine where your organization stands on current business processes, how a simple 2×2 matrix can establish business opportunities and risks, and finally gives a few considerations that can separate the risks and the benefits from multiple emerging technologies.

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