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What Metrics are Valuable to the Typical CIO?

chartsMeasuring the progress of a support team and relaying that progress to upper management are main priorities and focuses of any application support effort.   In this article, Mr. Anderson's will provide you with a link to the “100 IT Performance Metrics,” which are all valuable to the typical CIO:

 Averages can hide significant problems. Some of the data elements are designed to identify significant problems that may go unnoticed by simply reporting averages. Example: If a critical application was down for 24 hours, this is a significant event that should be reported even though the overall average availability for all applications was within an acceptable range.   One hundred data elements is more than a typical CIO would review.  

Nick Spanos, the author of “100 IT Performances Metrics,” provides the reader with a plethora of choices that you will want to read each of.   After reading about all one hundred, feel free to comment on Mr. Anderson's blog making your case for your favorite.

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