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The worst IT addictions (and how to cure them)

Are you data dependent? A power “user” or an antiquity addict? What kind of IT addictions are you or your organization clinging to – and how can you cure them? This slideshow presentation by Dan Tynan examines some “IT Addictions” that he’s encountered over the years and the ways that organizations can get past them for a healthy recovery (and, let’s face it, a healthier bottom line as well). Take for instance the addiction that leads to delusions of grandeur: Some IT people still believe any problem can be solved if you just throw enough resources against it, says Michael McKiernan, VP of business technology at Citrix. If they could just collect enough data and dump it into a massive business intelligence system, they'd emerge with a single source of truth for making decisions. The cure: Get real. Develop an IT portfolio that balances risk and reward, and hedge your big bets. Don't swing for the fences every time unless you enjoy striking out. It's better to hit for singles and doubles to boost your enterprise batting average instead of going for personal glory. Other addictions include:

  • The use of Jargon
  • Misuse of “power” (forgetting IT exists for the business)
  • Thinking all data is good data
  • Clinging to old methods
  • Buying the “latest and greatest” without considering cost fully
  • Illusions of security

So take a look at this list of debilitating IT addictions and take a good hard look at your organization and your own processes. Remember: recognizing you have a problem is the first step in getting your organization back on track!  

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