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The No. 1 Threat to Private Cloud Deployment: IT Management and ITIL

Greg Ferro believes that IT managers are going to be the ones who stop the smooth deployment of private clouds. Why? Because the mindset of IT, traditionally, is to stick with what works and avoid what is new and untested. This mindset ultimately results in a slow acceptance of new technology and procedure — exactly what the cloud is destined to become:

Today's IT management is unprepared for change and unable to map a dynamic IT environment like a private cloud into a static and unyielding business process such as that espoused by the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) or The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Everyone can see that business drivers are changing. Engineers have already embraced the new technologies of the private cloud. Management must deliver new accounting methods, better risk management and long-term funding to develop new private cloud infrastructures. At the same time, IT managers are refusing to change the existing business processes, accept risk and move their organizations forward.

The article goes on to explain how this doesn't need to be the case. With simple changes to executive level thinking, IT can adopt newer methods of utilizing the cloud while still gaining the value from older systems of management. The sale of shifting from strict ITIL to a more open model is hard, but according to Ferro, it's absolutely necessary.




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