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The Changing Face of Knowledge Management

Wanting to know everything about knowledge management now is like wanting to write a multi-chapter biography on a toddler.  Connie Crosby explains in her article that KM is still a relatively young discipline.  She has, however, gathered what she considers to be the most important bits of KM information. Crosby notes that KM can be a place to develop new frameworks and models:

As the place to develop new thinking, new ways to address workflows, communication across the organization, and business models, KM can incorporate an agile approach.  Use a specific approach to development of ideas can allow people across the organization – with different areas of concern and approaches – to come together and have a meaningful interaction.

KM also has a strong stance as research and development.  Crosby suggests that KM may be the place where innovation is occurring.  Furthermore, in addition to framework development and research, KM can drive the change that is needed to refocus an organization for the better.  The tie-in here, as Crosby notes, is that this will also influence efficiency and productivity for the better as well.  It may also influence how KM law is dealt with in general.

Crosby notes that “knowledge management has always been an area hinged on interaction of people.”  KM is, in fact, becoming more social.  This is sure to be a shifting and growing trend in times to come, but Crosby stresses the importance of noticing the increased attention being paid to relationships.  There is also increased turnover in many organizations.  When an employee leaves, it is crucial that their knowledge and the knowledge they deal with remains with the organization in an easily accessible way.

In short, KM and the way it is managed is constantly changing.  It will likely continue to change and grow as there is more knowledge to manage.  You may never be able to learn all there is to know about KM, but by following Crosby’s tips, you will at least have a better understanding of it.

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