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The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses

remarkable The axiom of “leaders lead by leading” stands tall in this article by Jeff Haden concerning 5 qualities that all leaders (IT or otherwise) can benefit from. Haden explains how easy it can be to be a boss when you've been in that position for a while, but how being a remarkable boss takes effort and constant dedication. One of the qualities he lists is the willingness to deal with problems (big or small) as soon as possible: 

Nothing kills team morale more quickly than problems that don't get addressed. Interpersonal squabbles, performance issues, feuds between departments… all negatively impact employee motivation and enthusiasm. And they're distracting, because small problems never go away. Small problems always fester and grow into bigger problems. Plus, when you ignore a problem your employees immediately lose respect for you, and without respect, you can't lead. 

Being a remarkable boss creates remarkable results from employees and projects. If your team knows you're in it for them (and not yourself), they are more willing to continually provide effort and interest in the success of whatever they are involved in.

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