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The 5 Hottest IT Jobs Right Now

If you want to know where IT money is going, you don't need to look any further than where the IT jobs are going. This article from lists the 5 hottest IT jobs as determined from job listings at   Topping the list – and not altogether unsurprising – is iPhone Developers, up 106% from last summer. Job openings range from PayPal, eBay, and General motors. Also included on the list are cloud specialists, who saw a 67% increase in listings from last summer, another expected rise in interest as more and more companies shift to using the cloud for IT.   While mobile and cloud top the list, the article also notes in increase in hiring for IPv6:

Also growing – but not as quickly – is the demand for network engineers and skills related to  IPv6, the  next-generation Internet Protocol. More than 1,900 network engineer jobs are posted on, up 11% from last year. While only 199 jobs require IPv6-related experience, this category is up 19% from a year ago.

What does this list tell you as a CIO? To start, both business and IT are ramping up for a more agile, more mobile, more “outside” approach to Information technology needs. Having a cloud specialist or a mobile developer is no longer an outside thought; it's becoming an absolute need for companies that want to succeed in the future.

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