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The 4 Ps of ITIL Service Management

4Service management is a constant battle of balancing the needs of the user with the needs of sound process. This article by Andy Trainer discusses the 4 Ps of ITIL service management (People, Process, Products, and Partners) and how mastering them can help master the best possible outcomes. Consider how important partners are in the process:
 Suppliers have a big impact on IT services: the staff depend on these third parties to deliver the goods or services needed to run the IT service. It's important for appropriate partnership agreements to be formed, i.e. contracts and service level agreements.
If you have a poor relationship with the partners in your business, there will be more time spent trying to track them down, express your concerns or issues, and getting resolution. On the opposite end, however, a partner that has a good relationship with your business is more likely to be proactive in searching out resolutions, keeping both their best interest and yours in mind.


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