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Six Tactics for ITSM to deal with Agile

In this sprawling, nearly hour long YouTube presentation, Rob England (aka the IT Skeptic) provides six tactics for ITSM to deal with Agile. Citing “attackers” such as the cloud, BYOD, and Agile itself, England shows how to properly “bring Agility to your Service Management Portfolio”. The trick of balancing a very regimented process (ITSM) with Agile comes from recognizing the best elements of both and adapting each to fit. For instance, ITSM processes around change management should not be abandoned, nor should early reviews of projects. England separates the six tactics into two categories: to protect (which includes a “ring fence around the Agile production target”, getting a waiver, and governing) and to serve (providing standard change, creating automation, and having an operational readiness outreach program).

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[…] RT @AITSNewsletter: Our Lead for today: a nearly hour long presentation from @theitskeptic on six tactics for #ITSM to deal with #Agile.  […]

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