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Should business align with IT?

Christopher O'Malley adds his insight on one of today's most prominent questions of whether or not businesses should align with IT.   IT exists to support the business so it is important that IT investments and efforts align attentively with the primary objectives of any particular business.

And IT can, of course, do a better job of aligning itself with the business than it already does.   We can better understand the businesses we support.   We can be more diligent about tracking our resource allocation relative to the priorities of the business.   We can also help business leaders better understand what it is we can do for them.   It does, however, take two to tango.   So while IT continues to try to better align itself with the business, it might also make sense for the business to participate more aggressively in achieving that alignment.

O'Malley offers readers a few suggestions about how to makes this possible.   For instance, he suggests that businesses better define and articulate their goals and priorities to IT professionals in order to give them a specific effort to align with.   Another of his recommendations includes getting smarter about what IT can actually do for you and your business.   The article offers a significant amount of relevant insight and suggestions, which make it a great read.  

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