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Seven Leadership/Skill Traits Future of CEO & CIO Should Share

Using a recent discussion on CIO Forum (focusing on whether the CIO should aspire to become a CEO), Pearl Zhu writes about the seven leadership and skill traits that future CEOs and CIOs would do well to share. For instance, both would benefit from allowing themselves to break the rules if that means their decision making would be more effective. The “rules”, in this case, are any expectations that limit what will be tried, experimented with, or thrown out. CEOs and CIOs who look at every element of their job as an opportunity to make something new and better will be more able to face the future successfully, and perhaps contribute much more to their company than other colleagues who merely focus on keeping business as usual. CEOs and CIOs must also possess in depth communication skills to succeed in the future of business, according to Zhu:  Leadership at digital era requires brilliant mind, open heart and in-depth communication skills, as leadership is influence, and your social influence more depend on your digital footprint about who you are from both your heart and mind, than your social status; command-control style leadership is no longer sufficient, leaders need communicate deeper with empathy. The great leadership influence comes from persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness, grit and self-confidence. This also means that CIOs will need to balance leadership and management together, becoming a “Chief Transformation Officer”. Making people   not only succeed with project efforts, but want to succeed with them.

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