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RFID in the Manufacturing Sector: It’s all about Profitability

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) was a singularly profitable way of monitoring cases and pallets in distribution centers. Now it has moved towards mining, electronics, medical equipment and corrosion monitoring. So how can you launch your own RFID program? The first step is getting C-level management involved and actively championing the cause. Next, identify where the RFID system can help: RFID opportunities can often best be spotted across the enterprise from the C-level perspective. For productive spotting, ask yourself, “Where are our biggest bottlenecks?” “Where would vastly improved tracking of work in process (WIP) and raw and in-process (RIP) save money?” “Have we experienced recurring equipment or materials failures?” Chances are good that a challenge your enterprise is facing has been addressed using RFID before, and a solution that needs modest adaptation will fill your bill. As RFID continues to expand in the manufacturing sector, there will be an increase in inventive, practical, and value adding solutions. As the author Jack Farrell explains, it’s possible to see RIO targets reached within the 12-18 month range, but increased profitability can “last indefinitely”.

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