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Reading through the 7th Annual ITSM industry survey

In this post, Simon Morris gives overview and opinion of the most recent results from the ITSM industry survey. Not surprisingly, SaaS is on the move with 24% of respondents indicating that they are using SaaS as an ITSM solution, and 26% indicating that they don’t currently use SaaS but are actively investigating it. Furthermore Morris indicates that ITIL is still a contentious process, though 85% of respondents are using a process framework (and 94% of them are using ITIL). The post goes on to indicate that the business is still the same as it has been in the past: Appendix page 13 asks what respondents are planning to do in the next 3 to 6 months. I really wish they allowed respondents to choose multiple processes rather than a catch-all “We are planning on implementing multiple processes” which obscures the results a little. But we can still see that Incident Management (8%), Change Management (7%), Asset and Configuration Management (5%) and Problem Management (4%) are still the biggest headaches for organizations. Finally, Morris talks a bit about how the survey respondents fell when it came to governance. Notably, 75% of respondents indicated they were not able to provide actionable data for their business.

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