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PPM: Revolution or Evolution

revolutionDemian Entrekin, author of this article, reflects on the question of whether PPM has become a revolution or an evolution.   He states that as PPM continues to gain momentum in all sectors of the economy, one question that still plagues his thoughts is whether PPM represents a significant departure from traditional management techniques, or does it reflect and evolutionary step: 

This is perhaps too simple a dichotomy, and I have pointed out false dichotomies in the arguments of other writers. But still the question continues to stand unanswered. On the one hand, PPM builds on traditional project management techniques and so it is tempting to see PPM as evolutionary, a mere ratcheting up of a discipline. And yet on the other hand I continue to see traditional Project Management cultures struggle to get their arms around how PPM changes the entire notion of why a project exists and what it's supposed to accomplish. 

He goes on to explain his thoughts on either of the answers by thoroughly analyzing the facts behind each.   He concludes the article by saying that he sees PPM as a transformational shift and that he thinks it will bring across whatever project management disciplines that continue to add value in the new model, while also leaving behind those that don't.  

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