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Mapping IT Resources for Successful Implementations

fieldmapThis article from the Graziadio Business Review examines how facing complex system implementations with intelligence and care can create huge opportunity. The challenge, of course, comes from needing more IT Resources than what you have, and how to determine what implementations are more important than others. This article explores a few ways of determining how to map IT resources and what the results can be:

For each project, quantity and quality of allocated resources can be mapped with respect to what is needed for success. The gap is the difference between available and required resources. Gaps in quality and quantity can be measured in a variety of ways. For instance, the project manager may simply assign an intuitive value to a resource specification, such as “I believe that the users are very resistant to project ABC.” Alternately, the entire project team may attain consensus evaluations of each IT resource at work in the project. A third method would be to survey users, executives, and IT personnel to establish resource gaps. Finally, an organization that frequently uses the IT Resource Gap Analysis could integrate relevant project measures into a Balanced Scorecard approach.

 There are also some elements that should always be considered for any implementation. These include head count, the infrastructure you're working with, budgets, what partners are working with you outside of the company, how your executive is committed or not committed to the implementation, and how involved your end users are (including what they think of your IT operation).

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