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Logistics Lets the Games Begin (unpublished; no picture)

This article from Inbound Logistics takes a look at the superstars of Football: no, not the players, the logisticians and planners that oversee the organization and planning   of the Super Bowl, golf championships, and other big sports events. While logistics management in these cases does follow more traditional paths, the uniqueness of the event adds a dimension that must be considered: But other tasks go beyond typical logistics management scenarios, such as scheduling a workforce of 8,000, ensuring delivery and service for 290 portable toilets, and coordinating among multiple federal, state, and local traffic and transportation agencies to help the teams move smoothly between their hotel and practice locations. Like any logistics operation, the Super Bowl committee must plan for variables completely beyond its control, from the NFL player lockout that threatened the 2011-2012 football season to a surprise visit from President Obama. Addressing unpredictable weather can prove particularly challenging. In Indianapolis, Super Bowl Sunday 2009 was a snowy, below-zero day. In 2010, it was a sunny 65 degrees. The article lists how Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium was able to not only coordinate the event (with the help of Langham Logistics), but also plan for eventualities, potential risks, gaining local support, and bring vendors together in order to achieve the perfect game day.

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