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IW 500 Conference CIOs Take Different Paths

This article from Informationweek features the differences of a few powerhouse CIOs when it comes to running their business, all of which will be involved in an upcoming Informationweek 500 conference. Take for example GM CIO Randy Mott, who works with a post-bailout company to deliver faster, better, and stronger results while attempting to attract top notch IT professionals. Or consider Proctor & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini, who's entire work ethic is built around the immediacy of data and being able to provide that data to his workforce instantly. Or perhaps the methodology of Union Pacific CIO Lynden Tennison: Buy or build? Conventional wisdom says IT organizations should lean toward buying off-the-shelf software — a cloud app, if possible — because custom development is a money pit. Tennison routinely flouts that idea at the country's largest railroad. He often wants software that's better-tuned to railroad needs, and he hates paying full price for software when he's using only 10% of the capability. UP's custom-developed training software is one example. It looks like a video game but uses images of real UP trains and train yards–built from Google Earth, UP surveys, and engineering specs–to teach employees how to inspect trains, move them around a yard, and do other work. The conference promises to bring about plenty of contentious discussions and alternative viewpoints, as no one CIO has the same game plan when it comes to decision making or issue resolution. Following the mindset of “learning through disagreement”, this conference is sure to raise some eyebrows as well as some IQs in the process.

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