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It’s Time to Kill Your IT Strategy

Yes, you read that correctly. The modern CIO needs to cut the strings when it comes to IT strategy. It simply has no place in the integrated, accelerated world of business. CIOs now, according to this post by Forrester Research, what CIOs need to focus on now is a business technology strategy. That is, IT needs to get past the IT/Business alignment line by simply making IT the center of the business strategy itself. By focusing in on the business technology strategy, it becomes living, real, and important to the business: In place of an IT strategy, every firm bigger than a lemonade stand must have a living, dynamic business technology strategy. It will be this strategy that drives future results of the organization and also that defines the future technology road map. Of course the technology department (whether you call it BT or IT or something else) also needs to have an operating plan, the CIO's plan for how to execute the BT strategic plan. The operating plan must include the continuous assessment of the technology capabilities, people, and funds required to execute the BT strategy. This isn't alignment, it's complete integration between IT and business goals. By thinking of both groups as one, it makes alignment between the two simply unimportant, because it will happen naturally!

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Anne is a former staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success, with a degree in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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