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ITIL Helps CIOs Align IT with Business

ducksITIL and CMDB (configuration management databases) add a level of complexity and time when CIOs attempt to implement them into an organization. While it may seem like too much at times, ITIL can help drive alignment between IT and business, according to this post's author, Mahesh Kumar. This alignment requires the dedication of the CIO to stay the course:

 Public CIOs must see the bigger picture to achieve success. Specifically CIOs must understand how ITIL can help align technology with business and increase overall customer satisfaction. That requires not just embracing ITIL, but also implementing the newest arsenal in IT management's toolkit – CMDB, a repository of information on IT system infrastructure, applications and services, and the relationships among them – and then evolving to the next level of enterprise IT management: a configuration management system, which creates a common view of CMDB information across IT silos.

Kumar then gives five keys to ITIL success, including identifying business priority, leveraging the power of dependency mapping, and utilizing existing repositories. If a CIO can properly leverage ITIL with the needs of the business, it can rapidly align IT to strategic objectives.

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