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IT Service Management and ITIL thinking: Brawn, Brains, Or Heart?

This article by Stephen Mann focuses on ITSM people “stereotypes” and what can be learned from them in terms of communication, education, and ITSM tool selection.   Mann focuses on three stereotypes in particular, that can be summed up as a collective description of Brawn, Brain, and Heart.

Brains: they take an academic approach to ITIL (what I call preaching without reaching ““ imagine an ITSMer carrying an ITIL 2011 book as an evangelizing preacher might a bible). They are hopefully service-centric but for them it is still probably all about the ITIL processes: efforts are made in ITIL process creation and delivery; measurements are IT-focused and relate in the main to how well we are “doing ITIL.” A Brain will also talk about ITIL at great lengths from an academic perspective and will want to be seen as both knowledgeable in ITIL and ahead of their peers. It's all about ITIL.

After going into detail about the three separate stereotypes, Mann admits that more people might shoot this blog down than agree with it.   However, he also states that he was encouraged to think a little deeper about IT people and their impact across a number of areas.

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