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Insider Security Threats: 10 Tactics to Stop These Data Breaches

insiderThis slideshow from eWeek gives 10 tips to mitigate these common insider security threats that bring companies to their knees. Beginning the slideshow is the tip to learn from past incidents: put safeguards in place that not only limit the potential for the breach to happen again, but document the breaches that already occurred thoroughly. Another risk comes from employees who resign or are terminated from employment. While it is rare, a disgruntled employee can be adept at bringing down systems and giving away privileged information for no reason other than spite:

  Resignation is a very important time period for employees and employers, especially since that is when a bulk of IT property theft occurs. IP theft generally occurs within 30 days of submitting a resignation, so those employees should be carefully monitored. After an employee gives notice, it is also worth checking what happened 30 days prior, as well. Fraud thieves are typically happy to work effectively because they want the scam to continue. 
As is the case with any risk management system, getting high level buy-in is a key to creating a strong and effective program. If the executive management is behind you, they'll provide the time, resources, and reinforcement needed to bring the security needed to bear.  

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