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Imperial College London moves ITSM to the cloud

Imperial College London is attempting to move its IT service management to the cloud as a test of capability. If the test goes well, other IT ventures will be moved into the cloud as well. This article by Karl Flinders and hosted on features qutoes from Paul Carter, Imperial ICT service centre manager, discussing why they decided on the move and what they hope to gain from it. As is normally the case, the system they had before moving to the cloud was intended to be replaced in 5 years (but they had it for 8), they also couldn't justify the expense of supporting the extra overhead: He said the system being replaced needed additional web development to improve the user interface. “We had to do web development ourselves to improve things like self-service.” He said with a small team of four supporting this part of IT the extra overhead was unacceptable. The time savings were critical because the team can focus on areas other than supporting the system. “Because it is outsourced we have time to do more to improve the user experience,” he said. Carter went on to explain that he didn't expect any technical difficulty, but does expect there to be some cultural struggles as he strives to gain buy-in from stakeholders and high level management. Carter's experiences coincide with many adopters of cloud solutions, as he now joins other early adoption organizations who look to the cloud for an new ITSM paradigm.

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