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How to Hire the Best IT Workers: One CIO’s Best Practices

Hiring the right person for the job is tricky. If you aren't able to get the best person in the role, you could potentially lose a lot more than opportunity. As this article by Meridith Levinson explains, IT hiring managers aren't clear on what qualities make an exceptional employee, and missing those exceptional qualities means you've let the best qualified person slip through your fingers. Part of the problem, as described in this article, is that hiring managers aren't clear on the short and long term goals of the employer:     I have my own take on the importance of zeroing in on what you need from the position you're trying to fill. By “what you need from the position you're trying to fill,” I mean the short- and long-term goals you as a manager are responsible for achieving, as well as the short- and long-term business goals your employer is trying to achieve. Hiring managers need to home in on those goals, then consider how the opportunity to bring someone on board will help them achieve those goals. From there, they can identify more precisely what they need, write a more accurate job description for the position, and hopefully establish criteria that will help them identify, rather than filter out, the people they need.     The solution, it seems, is to on-board your hiring managers so they more completely understand what goals your organization has for its employees and business goals. De-emphasize the importance of industry experience and specific skills, as “they weed out potentially great talent.”  

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