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How to calculate the value and ROI of ITIL implementation

Calculating the intangible elements of business is something that companies generally leave as a single item description – but is it possible, with a little work, to determine the value and ROI of ITIL implementation? Ivanka Menken believes so. She first explains how she came to thinking about the formula to use: And yes, I understand that most organisations would add their IP and other intangible assets under the single line item called “goodwill” on the balance sheet. But it got me thinking about the need for more granular reporting and awareness of the intangible assets we have in a company. Most business owners will think about their goodwill as a collection of their trademarks, patents and perhaps the value of IP purchased through mergers & acquisitions. But there are so many more intangible assets in your business. Menken says it’s simple: simply determine the value of the intangible assets acquired as a result of ITIL implementation. She goes on to create a formula and explain how to apply it to your own situation, allowing for the insight needed to determine ITIL implementation value and ROI.

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