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Hire Better, Fire Faster!

In this article, Terry Cunningham recognizes the difficulty of hiring new employees.  He notes that a simple solution may be work on hiring better.  Furthermore, if you are more than displeased with the staff you half, maybe you should be more willing to let go of anyone who is hindering rather than helping the success of your organization.  Cunningham also suggests imagining yourself stuck in a room alone with an applicant.  If that thought frightens you, or a similar thought of spending that amount of time with an employee you already have, that person is wrong for the job.  Cunningham says hiring managers can admit their errors, just so long as they intend on fixing them.

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Matthew Kabik is the former Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He worked at Computer Aid, Inc. from 2008 to 2014 in the Harrisburg offices, where he was a copywriter, swordsman, social media consultant, and trainer before moving into editorial.

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