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Even More Ridiculous IT Service Desk Requests

No matter how hard you try to deny it, you and everyone else has, at some point in their IT experience or career, asked the absolute dumbest IT questions known to man.   Really, you think you haven't?   You never even thought as a new user that part of the key board was busted and it turns out you had the number lock on?   If you still think this has never happened to you, fine.   For those of you who know the embarrassment of a dumb help desk question, there are more out there to make you feel better.   Simon Mitchell of SmartData Collective took the time to pick out some of the best (meaning worst) IT service desk requests:

User:   Is there a spray I can get for my computer?

Helpdesk:   Excuse me?

User:   A spray?   One I can squirt the inside of my computer with.

Helpdesk:   Do you mean compressed air?

User:   Does that kill the viruses?

Helpdesk:   “¦You mean like a disinfectant?   For computer viruses?

User:   Yes! That would do the trick.

Helpdesk:   I'm sorry, sir.   There's nothing like that available.   Viruses are just a name we give to  malicious software.   We use “˜virus' because it explains how the software behaves.

User:   Oh”¦so no spray then?

Helpdesk:   No.

The point here is that if you work at a help desk, there are other help desk people out there who feel your pain and have shared your laughter.   For people like me who are making these calls about forgotten passwords and having those constant “what does that button do” looks in our eyes, we are not alone.   We can take comfort in the fact that, unlike some people, we know why the mouse is no longer working properly because we flipped it over for aesthetic appeal.   We probably know that broadband deals with download speed.   We may know that our “desktop” is not the literal desk that we are sitting at.   Just remember, for every silly question you call the help desk to answer, there are thousands if not millions of sillier calls occurring all over this technologically savvy world of ours.

About Anne Grybowski

Anne is a former staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success, with a degree in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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