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Enterprise, meet BYOD

According to this article by Rene Hendrikse, only 30% of UK IT departments are incorporating mobile device management initiatives in their strategies for 2012. This doesn’t stop employees from bringing their tablets and smartphones into the office, however, and that can lead to turmoil in IT. It is essential that companies recognize this trend and take steps to integrate BYOD policies into their strategy. One of the major concerns, of course, it how to secure data on such a dizzying array of devices: Smartphones and tablets are being increasingly used to access corporate data and, as security is one of the main priorities for IT departments, it’s important to determine which corporate applications can be accessed from an employee-owned device. IT departments need to be able to manage device and access policies, preferably from a single point of control, so IT can ensure security policies relating to VPN, anti-virus software, activation of personal firewalls or use of encryption are enforced, and that in the event of a device being lost or stolen, IT is able to remotely wipe corporate data. Security issues around non-managed devices are on the rise, with 46 percent of IT executives admitting to experiencing a security problem related to an employee with an unprovisioned device. Companies not only need to consider the value of their data and the risk of losing it, but also the potential compliance and reputation implications. On top of this concern is the concern of cost: a BYOD plan can, as Hendrikse explains, have a much higher cellular data charge for an enterprise if not properly managed. To cope with this, companies can put a dedicated Wi-Fi provider for employees to utilize.

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