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Does the Cloud Complicate Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery used to mean huge expenditures, backing up only the most important information or, more likely, doing the smallest amount possible and hoping that it's enough to see your organization through the worst of it. But as article by Jeff Vance points out, the cloud is making it possible for any size organization to have a robust, powerful disaster recovery (DR) solution. This possibility, however, comes at a cost. While services like Dropbox or SkyDrive make even small businesses capable of DR, it can also lead to a laid back sort of vigilance when it comes to securing data. Just because you are using an outside service doesn't at all mean that they are the ones who will take care of your data should a disaster occur: A more pervasive and dangerous laissez-faire </em>DR mistake is simply believing that your cloud provider will handle data backup and recovery for you. “When Amazon had downtime, customers were up in arms,” says Jon Beck, senior vice president of worldwide channels and alliances forOpSource, a provider of enterprise cloud and managed hosting services. “There's not a service provider on the planet that won't have an outage someday. What was interesting about the Amazon outage is how many big-name customers didn't have a disaster recovery plan in place to either move data to other availability zones or to other providers.” Yes ““ if using an outside service, you benefit from having a DR plan for the DR plan. Vance goes on to explain some considerations that companies must make while using the cloud as a solution. For example, consider how important access is to your data and how physical situations (even something like construction near your office) can affect the ability of your team's ability to reach that data. Cut power lines, dislocation due to building, and any other host of mundane situations can have a big impact on the benefits of the cloud.


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