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Do Change Management a Favor: Say No

The author of this blog post takes a moment to discuss a frustration that the majority of us have shared at one point or another: when people want to put processes in place, but refuse to follow them. In his example, the management asks how to categorize a change management type that doesn't get submitted in the correct fashion. His answer is “reject it”, which wasn't what they were expecting to hear: 

This is the part of my job that's difficult; convincing management that it's OK to follow policies.   In fact, in some organizations, it's actually encouraged to follow policies and processes.   And now here I am, a motivated ITSM professional that sees the need for vast improvements to Change Management (thanks to the book Visible Ops), and I'm running into the culture that will happily risk production stability for the sake of easy Change Management.  
By keeping a hardline stance (that is, by actually following procedure), the author gives strength to the process and makes the company run more smoothly. People involved in the change management process know that certain requirements must be completed and not ignored for the sake of ease.  



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