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Cloud will need an IT Service Culture

IT serves two masters at any given point: the business, and best practices. Trying to balance the get-it-done-now attitude of business with the get-it-done-right demands of governance often leaves CIOs in a troubling position. This is just as true with the rise of the cloud, where, more often than not, IT isn't part of the initial discussion or decision: What makes cloud computing different? For starters, outside cloud vendors are pitching to end-business managers, not IT. “It seems that every month, I get word about a new cloud application that the company is considering,” says an IT director at a Fortune 500 manufacturer. “Sometimes I get word of an offering after the contract has already been signed with an end-business department, and I'm simply being told to assist the cloud provider in onboarding our company, and to manage the contract and the service agreement.” The challenge to CIOs becomes this: how to coordinate with the outside cloud vendor, and how to service the cloud once that vendor steps away. Can IT move to a service culture easily, or will it require an overhaul of expectations from the IT organization? According to this article by Mary Shacklett, the “new” IT will need team members who possess both technical skill and soft skills such as people management, communication, and service focus.

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