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CIOs struggle to find IT talent

A recent study found that it is harder to hire people in technical fields than it is other professional areas. CIOs say (as this article by Ann Bednarz explains) they have an increasingly difficult time in recruiting. The survey found that CIOs expect to keep about the same amount of headcount, whereas other professional fields are expecting more growth:

  Among all respondents, 89% expect to maintain headcount, 5% expect to increase staff levels, and 3% expect to decrease staff. The strongest hiring activity is expected in the legal and marketing fields, with a net 22% of lawyers and 10% of marketing execs planning to increase headcount in Q2. Across all professions, 61% of the execs report recruiting challenges. When viewed by business area, CIOs expressed the most difficulty finding skilled workers, with 65% saying it's a challenge to find talent. CFOs, too, struggle to hire accounting and finance professionals, with 62% saying it's either somewhat or very challenging. 

CIOs identified that security, networking, and technical support are where they are having the hardest time finding skilled candidates; while people who know cloud computing and VoIP are also highly searched for.

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