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BI still dependent on IT

techrepublicBusiness Intelligence (BI) has always been fairly important, but it wasn't until recent years that it had such a dramatic impact on how important IT was to the business.   As Toni Bowers' writes, the introduction and expansion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Big Data, IT is poised to achieve almost complete alignment with the business: 

“what wasn't completely anticipated a few years ago was the way technology itself would propel the alignment of IT with business. Business movements like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Big Data have paved the way for IT pros who want to sit at the “big table.” In both cases, CEOs and end-users know what they want – numbers and statistics that demonstrate what the business needs to do more or less of to succeed. So who knows what systems to put in place to collect this all-important data? IT. 

This becomes more apparent after a survey conducted with 750 IT professionals indicated that 90% of those surveyed believed their users were ill equipped to understand BI projects or would be completely dead in the water if IT didn't help. This is a great opportunity for IT, as it allows for an expansion of involvement and importance in the business. How can IT springboard its importance to the board room because of the expansion of BI? To start with, the CIO must demonstrate that the entire IT organization is ready and willing to help in any way and is equally interested in the Business' goals. While the ability for IT is immense, the first step is getting everyone to believe it.

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