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A Matter of Balance 5 Project Portfolio Tips

Project portfolio management, specifically, successful portfolio management, is a matter of balance. While it's important to do the most beneficial and business aligned work first, a good project portfolio also takes into account resource loading, finances, and strategic direction. In this post found on, Alex Adamopoulos lists 5 project portfolio tips to help balance benefit and risk. One suggestion is to attack weaknesses: Investments in process frameworks are not a loss but may need to be revisited. Look at how Lean Six Sigma has taken off. While this would be compared to a form of compressed waterfall vs. agile, it has still brought benefits without writing off the investment in Six Sigma alone. Adamopoulos goes on to give tips concerning the capture of opportunities through understanding your team's capacity, controlling threats by optimization and early identification, and maximizing returns through understanding how to collect the right metrics.

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