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8 CEOs Speak: IT Projects That Matter Most

This Information Week article by Chris Murphy features the insights and opinions of 8 CEOs from major companies ““ in particular they discuss the elements of IT that they are most interested in (and as a CIO, you should be interested in as well).

While it's easy to say that CEOs are most interested in IT projects that directly impact the bottom line and meet the strategic objectives of the organization, the CEOs interviewed for this article don't quite meet that generic expectation. Instead, it seems as though each CEO is interested in rather different IT projects based on how they understand IT's ability to impact the business.For instance, consider Progressive Insurance's CEO Glenn M. Renwick. Renwick is most interested in using technology to create a customer centric way to provide usage based pricing for car insurance. The device is called Snapshot, and with it installed in a car it allows insurance to be as specific as the individual driver. This is a service where IT is heavily involved, with the CEO and CIO working together to make sure that all elements of the technology work effectively.And then there is Walmart CEO Michael Duke, who is most interested in competing within the internet for business. As Duke explains:“We've also added a very talented executive to lead Global eCommerce. Neil Ashe has a strong background in interactive content; has an understanding of converting online customers, which is critical to our eCommerce growth strategy. In the last quarter, we continued to roll out new multichannel capabilities to offer the seamless experience between the store and our eCommerce pla tforms that customers increasingly want. We will continue to invest in the right talent and capabilities to seize the growth in Global eCommerce.”They've accomplished this via a new iPad app for Sam's Club and integrating mobile technology for faster experiences at local stores. The success has been stunning, and Walmart continues to grow both physically and in the internet retailer world.Whether it's the use of mobile payment methods, integration with smart technology or streamlining supply chains, CEOs customize their use of IT to fit what they understand to be the most effective use of the time and energy put forward.

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