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8 BI Project Pitfalls

This quick reading PDF from Styraconsult starts with a very true statement: “All IT projects have their pitfalls that can be easily recognized. BI projects have their specific pitfalls and unfortunately in many projects…[these]pitfalls are not recognized in time…” The reason is because of a lack of experience by the management of those BI projects and the belief that BI projects can be treated in the exact same manner as any other IT project. The PDF aims, in this list of 8 pitfalls, to help managers identify and correct typical mistakes made during BI projects. The list of pitfalls includes:

  • Implementing reactive projects
  • Not involving business users enough and lack of trust in your system
  • Ineffective management
  • You can use this data mode only!
  • Un-insightful measures
  • Trying to use reporting requirements for BI
  • Paying to little attention to information needs
  • The wrong resources

Each of these listed pitfalls is accompanied by an explanation of what potential symptoms and causes accompany each pitfall, and what you must do to prevent or halt the pitfall from having a negative effect on the work performed. For instance, under “You can use this data mode only!”, the symptoms include being forced to use a data model that doesn't work well with the BI tool and using a data model that doesn't meet requirements. The solution is: Every BI tool must work with its underlying data source(s) Employ top-down design principles and start scoping on only a few high priority business requirements

  • Translate the business requirement into facts and dimensions
  • Communicate your findings with business users
  • Design a Logical Model
  • Design through the BI Tool
  • Design down to the Physical Data Model
  • Identify the proper ETL to build that model
  • And again, check with the business users on a regular basis

At least try to simplify by using only a limited number of specialized objects. The PDF is full of such step-by-step instruction to avoid the 8 pitfalls of BI projects.

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