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3 Tips to Protect Your Online Reputation (and Your Career)

When you are looking to advance your IT career, you want to create a strong and professional presence online.   You do not want to fill up your pages with Instagramed pictures of you eating at Long John Silver's.   Lauren Brousell groups useful advice for strengthening your online reputation into what you should always do, what you should do sometimes, and what you should never do.

Brousell strongly suggests that creating a constant branded presence is the first step to a sterling online reputation:

Always maintain a branded online presence””it's essential in today's world of work.   Your online identity could support or torpedo your candidacy for the position you may want next.   According to multiple studies noted by Harvard Business Review, more than 75 per cent of companies and recruiters review candidate profiles online and 70percent have decided not to hire a candidate based on what they've found.   And some won't hire you if they find little online information about you, so don't try to be invisible either.

You don't want to have an embarrassing online presence, but you do not want to have a cold and dry presence either.   Sometimes, as Brousell notes, mixing a little personality into your professional image makes you a more attractive candidate.   She recommends following the 80-20 rule where 80% of your information is professional and the other 20% is more personal.   Just be sure that when you are including personal information not to go too personal.   For instance, no one in your professional life wants to hear about how you still can't get your high school sweetheart out of your dreams.

Along with personal romantic comments, some other items that should never be place on your online public profile include bad language and disrespectful comments.   Brousell suggests examining how your comment may be perceived before you hit the enter key.     A comment that may sound justified one moment could ultimately come back to ruin your career.   Just remember to keep your always, sometimes, and never in order and you will be set.

About Anne Grybowski

Anne is a former staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success, with a degree in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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