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2012: The Year of the PMO

According to this article, this year is shaping up to be the year of the PMO.   The article refers to a recent survey done by a project management firm, in which PM solutions found that PMO’s are becoming more influential and entrenched than they have ever been.   The survey polled over 500 project managers across a number of industries and generally found that PMO’s are playing a significantly larger role: PMOs are playing a significantly larger role in strategic functions, putting greater visibility (and greater pressures) on their success. PM Solutions noted that over the last 12 years the number of organizations with a PMO grew by 40 percent, from 47 percent in 2000 to 87 percent in 2012.    Ultimately, this survey reinforces what Daptiv is hearing from our customers: PMOs have become a trusted advisor in the enterprise and must lead the way to enable intelligent investments and cost optimization. Also, according to the survey there was a thirty percent decrease in failed projects, twenty five percent of projects were delivered under budget, a twenty two percent improvement in productivity and a thirty one percent increase in customer satisfaction.  The article provides a great of insight into PMO and its exceptional growth.

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